2023 Fall Brawl Professor Pack

  • 2023 Fall Brawl Professor Pack

It's ON! This box was built for chasing bass as they move shallow and put on that feedbag for the Fall transition. It's a mix of some of my top producers from my personal collection--and includes a pack of my new Jimmy Big Time finesse collaboration bait in an exclusive Bass Lab color that I call River Rat. This bait is a tourney winner and catches them all across the country in lakes and rivers. You can Dropshot it, Texas rig it, Wacky rig it, and Neko rig it. Super versatile. Super effective.

Next, we crank it up with one of my super rare and favorite balsa flatsided crankbaits made by Craig Powers that is a must for fall cranking. It delivers a tight and crisp action that's great for throwing around those groups of young-of-the-year shad. Now we go up top--and who doesn't love a topwater bite? To start, you'll get my favorite JDM Topwater popper (that I bet you've never thrown) that's in line with GO BIG or GO SMALL in the Fall philosophy. It's a popper that casts great, pops, spits and walks. Most importantly it commands their attention and gets big bites. Next up is one my favorite 3/8 oz JDM knocker buzzbaits which gets cracked! You'll also get the perfect companion to the buzzbait--and it's the 4-Wheel drive of shallow crankbaits which has been custom painted by TK Stanley at TackleKraft in a shock color pattern...that your bass and your girl will love. I've upgraded the hooks too, so your fish stay pinned.

I'm also tossing in a selection of my favorite old school tournament winning skirts—which have the shape and action of flat rubber but are made out of silicone which means no hassle maintenance! They have incredible flow and action that the bass haven't seen in years and make great replacement skirts for your spinnerbaits or buzzbaits.

You'll also receive two of my new River Rat Spinnerbait in my top producing Fall colors in 1/4 and 3/8 oz. These baits made in collaboration with Gary Sheetzs from 9K Elite lures and have already notched three WINS on two of my favorite tidal rivers! Built on a light wire frame for maximum vibration, this spinnerbait sports a compact profile with a hidden weight system which gives it more balance while coming through cover. The hammered finish turtleback blades deliver the thump of a Colorado and the flash of a Willow--the best of both worlds. The Mustad Ultra point hook and haywire twist on the line tie makes this spinnerbait much more durable than other spinnerbaits--so it will last fish after fish without bending out. And you just can't beat the flow of the hand tied skirts by in Bass Lab designed colors stay on fish after fish with just a hint of Flashabou Mirage to help bass zero in on your bait.

I'll even toss in a free Dr. Crankenstein and River Rat Large Sticker. This box is a banger! Very Limited Quantities.