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River Rat GET 5 Professor Pack

  • River Rat GET 5 Professor Pack

If you're into getting five in the boat, then this Professor Pack is for you! It includes my favorite mix of JDM and good ole' Made in the USA Spinnerbaits and Buzzbaits from my personal collection! The JDM Spinnerbait is out of production and highly prized by those in the know. It has a super thin wire super stainless-steel construction for maximum vibration, and sports welded beads to get the blades spinning immediately--and more importantly makes them helicopter down on the drop to trigger bites. I've also included a special run EPIC Junebug spinnerbait made in collaboration with 9K Elite lures that excels in tidal or tannic stained waters. There's also a sneaky finesse style JDM buzzbait with a unique feature that bass don't see often. Finally, you'll get two "BassLab tuned-up" buzzbaits that include some modifications I make that make these baits go to work right from the first cast--one head knocker and one silent in the right sizes for plenty of bites. The skirts on these baits resemble old flat living rubber that has tons of action--but they are made from silicone for easy care and in a color that I bet you've never seen but the bass crack hard. We're talking OLD SCHOOL proven winners. Six baits in all including a bonus bait in a SHOCK COLOR painted by TK Stanley at TackleKraft for super shallow cranking. Very Limited quantities.