2024 Bass Lab Lipless Professor Pack

  • 2024 Bass Lab Lipless Professor Pack

Exclusive to The Bass Lab, this pack includes my favorite Lipless trap style baits from my personal collection--some are super hard-to-find out of production domestic baits that are from the original run--before the manufacturer changed the bait. And one is a wide wobbling larger size profile lipless that I bet you never heard of that gets big bites.

Others are unique lipless baits from Japan that produce different actions for worming a lipless on gravel rock or produce unique sounds that help trigger bites! Some are super sneaky one-of-a-kind lipless baits like the Mann's Pogo Shad that are becoming harder and harder to find. This Pogo Shad is custom painted and is great for the collector or basshead who wants to throw the most unique lipless vibration bait ever made.

All Professor boxes come with a one-on-one Q&A session with me about the baits, and how I fish them for success. Limited quantities.