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Bass Lab Super Shallow Crankbait Professor Pack

  • Bass Lab Super Shallow Crankbait Professor Pack

When the fish move shallow and get in the dirt, these super shallow crankbaits get to where they live and put fish in the boat! This pack includes some of my favorite cranks that run from 0-2 foot deep. Included in this pack is the legendary, first run, double stamped OG Mann's Baby 1-! You'll also get two different size custom-painted Worden's Timber Tigers by the best painter on the planet--TK Stanley from Tackle Kraft. One of the colors is Junebug--which is a Bass Lab exclusive that slays in stained or tannic water. The DC1 and DC 2 Timber Tigers are the 4-Wheel Drive of the super shallow crankbait universe. You can crash them into wood, rock and they come through it like a champ while triggering bites. Finally, you'll get a sneaky JDM finesse crank for when the bait is small, and the bite is tough and two "single knock cranks" that have consistently produced for me over the years. One has a wide wobbling action for when the fish are active and the other a more subtle action that works especially well when the fish move to the bank right before the spawn. Both cranks work great over grass beds where my river fish love to spawn! Limited Quantities