Heavy Metal Professor Pack

  • Heavy Metal Professor Pack

It's heavy metal season, so let the blade baits sling. I've put together my favorite blade baits in this one. Legendary blades like the Silver Buddy, and newer entries like the fish snatching Binsky from early runs (the chrome plating is super tough and stays on).

And everyone who orders gets a special run color Binsky, so move over silver and gold, there's some new colors in town! There's even a few JDM blades in the box that you have to have in your heavy metal box.

You get 14 blades in all in a variety of sizes, colors to cover all depths and conditions. I'm even throwing in one of my Smallie Football Shakey jigs—that I hand tied in the Bass Lab last week! Pairs up nice with the new HTW Worm in my special run color. Free rattles with every order. $100 value.

Limited Run box. Won't last long. Tight Lines out there!