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Topwater Killers Professor Pack

  • Topwater Killers Professor Pack

If you love a topwater explosion, then this Professor Pack is for you! It includes my favorite mix of JDM and good ole' Made in the USA Frogs, Poppers, Walking Baits from my personal collection! The Walking Frog is the OG (and out of production) and is one of the best walking frogs ever made. It has a custom Gamakatsu hook, fine cut skirt and a unique shape that slides through cover. The Popping Frog is also out of production and highly sought after--and I'm including a color that the bass absolutely smash when the bluegills are spawning. Make sure you tie it on when the moon is full, and you hear those bluegills "popping" in pads or grass--because the bass are targeting those gills! I'll include a pack for some frog hacks that will help you get more bites too! The Popper is a JDM make, and arguably the finest popper ever made in a larger size for a bigger bite. This Popper includes a custom tied Gamakatsu Round Bend feather treble, made by yours truly from the Bass Lab. It includes some sneaky material, and perfectly splayed feathers for maximum action on the pause. I'm also including a pack of 4 domestic soft Zara Spook Style bait that casts like a rocket, goes anywhere you can throw it--without getting snagged. It gives the bass a different look that they haven't seen (especially in grass or pads) and casts perfectly on your frog rod too. Finally, the Walking Bait is also JDM, and eventhough it's still made and one of my all-time favorite hybrid walking/spitters that just gets bit. Six baits in all including a bonus bait in a SHOCK COLOR painted by TK Stanley at TackleKraft for super shallow cranking. Very Limited quantities.