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Pre-Spawn Dynamite Professor Pack

  • Pre-Spawn Dynamite Professor Pack

Exclusive to the Bass Lab this Professor Pack includes my GO-TO Springtime favorites for picking up those Ditch Melons aka those big females that are getting ready to move up for the spawn! The baits in this pack are from my personal collection—some are out of production GEMS that you can still hunt down on eBay—and a few are super hard to find! In this pack, you'll get a mix of JDM and domestic baits which include: bladed jigs (yes, my sneaky JDM one is in the box), hard thumping spinnerbaits like the ½ oz Jackall Super Eruption, a Bass Lab exclusive slow rolling River Rat Thumper Spinnerbait, a 5/8 oz compact sized JDM lipless Trap style bait, a flatsided balsa crankbait from Craig Powers from East Tennessee which is built for covering water when the big girls move up on the flats. You'll also get an OG USA made crank unlike any other for channel swing banks, one of the hardest thumping balsa deep divers ever made, a hard thumping Rapala that was and still is a sleeper killer, a little JDM gem that hunts like a Wiggle Wart and a larger Squarebill crankbait for that bigger bite. I'm even throwing in a freebie sticker pack that includes all of Goonie Wolfes designs from the Bass Lab and a swim jig in a killer color from Gary Sheets at 9K Elite lures. And you know I'm including our exclusive Ditch Melon collaboration color in the box! You get a total of 12 baits in all. Limited quantities.