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Cold Water Killers Professor Pack

  • Cold Water Killers Professor Pack

When the water temp starts to drop into the 50's and below, this pack will deliver! I've mixed in some of my favorite proven cold-water baits which includes blade baits, jerkbaits, and crankbaits, and a couple of freebies—in some special run colors! Let's start with the blade baits.

You get 5 blade baits including fish catchers from Binsky, Silver Buddy and Damiki--and one surprise blade bait that I bet you never heard of. The Binsky's are OG models with the best gold plating which stays on the blade! You also get a Binsky in a special run color that I bet you've never thrown—but the fish love. The Legendary Silver Buddy's are sliver and a must have in your arsenal. The Damiki blade bait might be new to you, but once you try it, you'll want to include it in your bag—the finishes are unreal, and they catch em' as good as the rest. It's a great bait for schooling fish in the Fall too, so keep it in your box and break it out when the bait balls up and the fish start schooling.

The jerkbaits include a sleeper JDM bait that drives smallies (and largies) wild because of its hard slashing action. As a bonus, I'm throwing in an out of production USA made Excalibur jerkbait for you to try.

The two crankbaits in the box are absolute "must haves" for cold-water cranking. One is a balsa bait (a limit getter) and the other is a flat-sided crank in a special run color. You simply must have one of these tied on right now!

Finally, I'm throwing in a free 3-D eye jig from 9K Elite lures in one of the best Bass Lab colors out there--Freak Show. Pair it up with a 3" Chigger Craw and dip the tips of the claws in Chartreuse—and thank me later. You get twelve baits in all with a free Bass Lab sticker. This box is a banger! Limited Quantities.