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Bass Lab Bladed Jig Professor Pack

  • Bass Lab Bladed Jig Professor Pack

Exclusive to The Bass Lab, this box includes my favorite Bladed jigs from my personal collection--most will be bladed jigs from Japan that deliver unique actions, sound, and vibrations. This ultimate collection includes one of the absolute best Japanese bladed jigs built for throwing in and around wood--where most bass have never seen a bladed jig! This bait has a unique design that helps prevent you from hanging up and helps you put your bladed jig where bass live! The collection also includes one of my favorite "hunting" action bladed jigs ever from Japan. Finally, I'll include a super hard thumping out of production bladed jig for a slow rolling presentation that smashes them in the bass in early Spring--with a hand tied skirt from The Bass Lab--and a sneaky finesse style chatter that gets bit when the bite is tough! All Professor boxes come with a one-on-one Q&A session with me about the baits, the sneaky trailers that I use and how I fish them for success. Limited quantities.